India’s Real Estate Trends in Post Covid Era: A Brief Outlook


Indian residential real estate underwent a major shift in 2021. With home sales expected to reach pre-COVID levels in 2022, the momentum in the housing market is expected to continue.


India’s economy relies heavily on real estate. Regulatory reforms, urbanization, changing consumer behavior, and COVID-19 are all driving this pillar’s evolution at the moment. Real estate has begun to recover from the effects of the pandemic.


Indian residential real estate underwent a major shift in 2021. It is predicted that home sales will reach pre-COVID levels in 2022, continuing the strong momentum in the home market. 


Despite the collapse of the global economy, the epidemic led to skyrocketing housing prices and few mortgage defaults. Due to all-time highs in the markets, we may see a slowdown in the purchasing frenzy. As a result of COVID, home sales increased. There is a likelihood that trends will revert to levels seen before 2020 this year. A DIY craze originated because of COVID, which compelled consumers to stay at home. In spite of this, there is no doubt that professional services will dominate home improvement in the future. Property values have risen and home equity is available to finance projects, explaining the shift. New home sales, which are normally not labor-intensive, will also outpace existing home sales, driving the rising trend.


In order to propel the real estate market forward, initiatives are implemented that generate demand and encourage people to buy properties. In the residential category, buyers are most interested in ready-to-move-in apartments. Managing expectations and better-educating customers are crucial in times like these.


The Technological Transformation


There is a technological transformation taking place in the real estate business in India. The industry is implementing a number of cutting-edge strategies and solutions. The market’s growth trajectory has been accelerated by these new developments. Home automation is a popular trend that combines technology and real estate to produce a fantastic result. In particular, millennials are likely to be highly attracted to these types of venues due to their wide range of investment opportunities.


As a result of this transition, there have been many new trends in residential housing. About 80 percent of real estate comprises the housing sector which has recovered at a fast pace from the Covid-19 crisis to recover to pre-Covid levels.


The New Normal


Businesses will continue to maintain remote work cultures while experimenting with some form of work-from-home culture. Buying a home close to your office is no longer a requirement and this will allow prospective buyers to have more choices since they can now make decisions based on factors other than the distance from work. When the walk-to-work culture loses its appeal, people will migrate to affordable localities.

Many positive developments are occurring in the real estate sector, which is continuously undergoing huge changes.


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