8 Secret Ways to Assess Construction Quality of a House

Simple tricks to assess the construction quality of your new house

The decision to invest in a residential real estate project has become even more tiresome today as a large number of developers are engaged in real estate development, therefore the options are numerous.

This has enabled investors or first-time buyers to choose from varied options available but at the same time, the competition within the builder lobby has intensified. One can now find properties available in different price ranges within the same area. The quality of construction and amenities available within the project hugely impacts the price range and developers who launch a project at a comparatively low price tend to compromise on quality.

The low price range and the benefits of living in a gated society may lure buyers, but it is important to check the construction quality before you make the purchase. Here we are listing a few important parameters that may help even a layman assess the construction quality of a building:

Ascertain Structural Design

For a layman, it may be difficult to analyze the structural design of a building as technical aspects of a good structure are unknown. You may seek an expert’s help to look at a building from that perspective. Building structural experts have an eye for detail and they may not foresee the minutest of details that you may conveniently miss out at.

Recommended Wall Thickness

As per the standard construction norms for a good, safe and secure home, the recommended thickness of the wall must be 12 inches for 70 feet high walls. For each 70 feet height, 4 inches must be added further. As per the law governing the construction industry, the thickness of the walls must be revealed in the layout plan so that the buyer can make informed decisions. A simple trick to check the walls is by tapping for any hollow sound.  

Compare Layout vs. Actual

Many builders tend to show an attractive building, floor and unit plan but deliver something else. It is also important to check the layout plan to ensure that the builder abides by all terms and conditions of the layout.

RERA Compliance

According to RERA, promoter or builder is required to correct structural defects within five years following the construction of a property. Ensure that there are no leaks or seepages since they could weaken the structure. Always examine the RERA status of the property.

Quality of Accessories and Fixtures 

Assess the quality of fixtures and fittings in the flat. These may include bath fittings, kitchen sink and tap, doors and window panels, lighting fixtures, fans etc. Check if these fixtures are of good quality or any substandard locally sourced product. A non-branded product may require getting the fittings changed after a few months of possession.  

Check Mercury Level 

Many phones like iPhone and the latest Android phones have a built-in mercury level checker app that allows you to easily check the mercury level or bubble level of a surface. The bubble level in the rooms must be at ‘0’ while in the wet areas like washrooms and utility, there must be a slight slope to allow water to drain easily. For phones that do not have this built-in feature, several apps are available on playstore or you may just type bubble level on Google as it is one of Google’s widgets. 

Check Tile Grouting

One major culprit of seepage on the interior walls of a house is improper grouting of tiles. It could be a result of improper masonry work or chipping off of the grout. You can easily check grouting issues by simply spraying water on the grout. If it gets darker after 3-4 minutes, there is certainly an issue with the grout. Also, if the water is absorbed, the grout isn’t sealed well or may have worn off. 

Check Paint Quality

The easiest way to check the quality of paint is by rubbing the back of your palm on the walls. If the paint comes out easily on the skin you are sure that good quality paint isn’t used. 


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