8 Best Home Interior and DIY Instagram Influencers

With Instagram, inspiration can now be found on all fronts. There are tens of thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to everything from food to fashion to art and design. In addition to the sheer number of Instagrammers, the platform can be overwhelming due to its saturation. Designers and homeowners have been drawn closer together through their interior design Instagram accounts, which include everyone from new-age influencers to industry veterans. This most popular social media platform is a creative outlet for new-age influencers who are also full-time work from home moms or working professionals juggling effortlessly between their work and passion.

We’re featuring some of our favourite interior designer accounts on Instagram that everyone should follow to keep up with the latest trends in home décor using DIY, gardening and much more.


Tanvi Dua (@theyellowbrush.studio) 

A UX designer by profession, Tanvi finds a passion for drawing and painting since her childhood. Her intrinsic interest in art and design-led her to pursue higher education in the trade. Tanvi is a Graduate in Applied Art and Post Graduate in Graphic Design from NID, Ahmedabad.

The Yellow Brush Studio is what she pursues during her leisure time, along with her mother. The mother-daughter duo paintings draw inspiration from what they experience in their day to day life. “Sometimes they are a reflection of what I’m going through,” says Tanvi. Follow @theyellowbrush.studio to check out aesthetic pieces of art created by this mother-daughter duo. We bet you won’t be able to satiate your emacity for just one or two products.


Priyanka 🌻 DIY and Home decor. (@thetalkingcasa) 

Priyanka is a Civil Engineer by profession and currently working in IT. She ascertains that her interest in home décor is due to her construction and architecture background. She started this channel to share what she felt looked good in her house. “I never thought everyone will love it so much,” exclaims Priyanka. Follow @thetalkingcasa for some interesting, innovative, and out of the box DIY and home décor ideas.


Ghar Aur Bageecha (@swati.sh038) 

Swati is an ardent home decor enthusiast who has been sharing her passion for home decor and DIY with her 10.8k followers on Instagram. She loves to call herself “plant mom” for her love for plants. This plant lover even has a small plant bar in her living room created on a DIY cycle stand. Follow @swati.sh038 for some useful tips and tricks to clean and organise your home.


Aarti Jhingon | Dècor & More (@aartijhingon) 

Aarti Jhingon took to Instagram to share her home decor tales with the world. Slowly, her posts gained traction and today she has more than 1600 followers and has been featured in @indiatoday_home @mydecordrama @mygreentreasure. Aarti has an intrinsic love for pink that reflects in her home decor ideas. She loves to revamp the look of her rented apartment according to the season. Follow @aartijhingon if you love to give your home a sophisticated look.


Sonakshi – DIY Decor & Plants (@incredible_prodigy) 

Sonakshi likes to experiment with colours and style with comfort to create spaces that speak of you. Her Instagram handle @incredible_prodigy has 180k followers and about 450 posts. She is reachable at Mysassyinteriors@gmail.com for Interior Styling and Home Makeovers.


DIY Home Decor. Furniture Flip (@homedecorexperiments) 

If you love creating masterpieces for your home @homedecorexperiments is your place to be. This Insta handle is managed by Poonam whose core belief is “girls can do it all”. Poonam is a DIY Home Decor and furniture flip enthusiast who likes to explore the world of DIY using her power tools. Through her Insta handle, she hopes to inspire people to “make”. Learn her mind-boggling DIY crafts at @homedecorexperiments.

Mohini | Home Decor | DIY (@riseandshinefamily) 

Mohini is a home decor and DIY blogger who loves to showcase her expertise in home decor and DIY crafts through her Instagram handle @riseandshinefamily. Follow her Insta handle to learn quick DIY ideas and places to shop for the home interior at reasonable prices. 


Sangitha Aanand -Decor blogger (@sajavatdecorblog)

Decorating spaces have been Sangitha’s forever passion. When she decided to move out of her full-time job, she began sharing her passion through her blogs, beautifully threaded in words and pictures, that gained traction among her readers. It was the time when blogging was a completely new concept, but that did not dither Sangitha’s motivation for once and she continued creating and sharing content. Today, her Insta handle @sajavatdecorblog has 11.9k followers.  



You will find these influencers’ pages incredibly helpful in your home improvement process. Moreover, they provide you with a wide range of ideas based on your taste. Get inspired by their DIY projects to decorate your home yourself, making it a bit cosier for you. Also, you can trust their experience and expertise to find the right furniture and accessories at affordable prices. These influencers can also help you realize your home perspective even if your budget is modest.

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