5 Advantages of buying a ready to move property

Quick Guide to Why You Must Invest in a Ready to Move Property

Buying a house is an emotional decision that needs to be taken very cautiously. The decision is crucial as it counts for our life’s savings to find a perfect home where our family can dwell in comfort and safety. Moreover, the decision is not for a certain period but usually for a lifetime.

When the decision is that crucial, we must consider every possible aspect before settling down for a property. Typically, there are two options—either go for a pre-launch or under construction project or a ready to move property.

A ready to move property is a property that is immediately available to be occupied by the buyer. There are several advantages of choosing a ready to move property over an under construction or pre-launch project. Below we have listed 5 advantages of buying a ready to move property.


You get what you see

The greatest advantage of ready to move property is that you get what you see. Today, real estate companies are hugely investing in video walkthroughs and 3D rendered images to provide a real-like experience to their customers. Though these walkthroughs claim to provide a futuristic view of the projects, reality seems to be far from virtual reality at the time of possession. Ready to move houses lets you experience and assess the quality of the final product and help you have the real picture of your prospective home.


The ease of moving in immediately

Ready to move properties have the advantage of immediate availability, which is one of their chief advantages. There is no waiting period when buying a ready to move property. As soon as the payment is made to buy the property and the required documents are signed, you will receive possession within a minimal period. Unlike the under-construction project, there’s no waiting time in the case of ready to move property. The delay in possession would be a nightmare for a loan buyer who lives in a rented home. When you own ready to move home, you don’t have to worry about paying rent and EMI at the same time.


GST Exemption

GST does not apply to ready to move properties. Ready to move properties are not considered to be goods as they are immovable and hence of the ambit of GST. Ready to move apartments offer tax benefits. You can claim tax benefits if you bought your home with a mortgage the year you bought the property or the year you received possession.


Legal Status

It is quite easy to obtain and check a ready-to-move property’s legal status and effortlessly secures the occupancy and completion certificates, as and when required.


Know thy neighbours

One of the major benefits of buying a ready to move house is that you get to meet people in your immediate neighbourhood. This factor hugely impacts the decision-making process as most individuals wish to have educated working class as neighbours. You can also easily judge the quality of maintenance agency working in society by speaking to people already living there.



Considering the above points, it is in the best interest to go for a ready to move property, as it will save you time and guarantee immediate possession. Under construction, properties can be mitigated for any unforeseen events that may prevent builders from finishing them.

Comment below if you feel otherwise or have more benefits to add to the list. 

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