10 Things to Consider Before Buying a House

A comprehensive guide to help you find the best ready-to-move property.

Buying a house can be a daunting experience when contemplating the things to consider, as there are a lot of things to reflect on before you zero in on the right property for you. Asking yourself a few questions when considering buying a home will let you determine if this is the right property for your family. You could be a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, you must consider a few important things before making the move.

We all are aware of the common factors to be considered before making a real estate purchase, like neighborhood, proximity to school, hospital, marketplace, amenities within the society campus, security and maintenance, but we often tend to ignore the real factors that must determine our real estate purchase.

Below is a comprehensive list to help you determine the actual condition of your prospective purchase:

  1. Dampness and Water Leakage
    Water leakage or dampness may look like a small problem at the first sight, but trust us this defect may cost you hefty if you consider getting it repaired. In many cases, it may come back after a certain time if not treated from the root. This can be determined by closely inspecting various areas where dampness can grow to provide a perfect environment for termites and molds to grow.
  2. Larger Cracks on Interior and Exterior Walls
    The walls should be checked for cracks both internally and externally. A building inspector should be consulted if there are many cracks larger than 2.0mm in width on a property. These cracks can ruin the aesthetics of a building and become the source of dampness and leakage in the structure.
  3. Interstitial Condensation may Cause Serious Health Hazards
    Molds are usually considered to be harmless cloud-like appearance on the walls, but they can actually cause serious health issues like asthma or other respiratory disorders. They may even result in grave health issues, if not treated on time.
  4. Fine Cracks Ruin Asthetics
    Fine cracks on walls can form slowly as the property ages and is exposed to different climatic conditions and weather changes. Cracks can also result from a bad paint job, in addition to normal wear and tear. Another cause of damaged walls might be a hidden water leakage.
  5. Kitchen Layout
    Function of the kitchen is influenced by its layout. Considering an open kitchen layout may be a good idea if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It might be enough for you to have a smaller or enclosed kitchen if you are a seldom cook. Allow yourself some time to analyze and assess your needs to determine the size of your kitchen.
  6. Age isn’t Just a Number
    When buying a house, you may stumble upon a property that fits into your criteria perfectly, but you cannot rule out the probability of it being an old construction. It is important to determine the age of the property before putting in your hard earned money into it. An old property may need certain repair and upgrade work before you move in with your family. Considering renovation is a time and money consuming affair. It is ideal to rope in an expert to get the needful done.
  7. Vastu Compliance
    It is believed that Vastu Shatra boosts the positive cosmic energy of a space. These energies increase your productivity manifold and you lead an effervescent life. People living in a vastu compliant home are said to have a healthy, happy and fuller life.
  8. Compare Loading Area with the Scalable Area
    The ratio of super area to carpet area is called loading. Super area is the area utilized for facilities in the society premises, which is usually 25 percent in case of residential establishments. Carpet area is the area inside the walls of a unit/flat. It is the area that you are actually using as your personal space.
  9. Seek Feedback
    In the digital age, the world is at our fingertips on our 5.8 inch mobile screens. It is easier to ask for feedback about a particular area or a society on their social media pages/groups or instant messaging apps.
  10. Conduct a Negative Research
    It is important to conduct a negative research on a broader perspective, as it helps you to determine the positive aspects in an improvised manner. Do a negative worded research about the society to know the darker side too, if any.

When thinking about incurring your hard earned money on buying a property, you may consider having an expert by your side to ease the entire process. PropMakeover is a one-of-a-kind real estate service that reduces the hassle of renovation to the buyer, as you only get the houses that are literally ready-to-move.

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